CAPITAL FACTORY has a featured activity in the aeronautical sector, especially in relation to the supply of Ground Equipment of high performance. Our clients work in a wide range of operations, from the Final Assembly Lines - FAL - of the main aeronautical constructors, the aircraft operators, to the Maintenance Centers - MRO - in both the civil and military fields.

Our supply and maintenance services include:

  • Supply and import of parts and spare parts along with equipments for civil aircrafts
  • Repair, maintenance and upgrade of civil aircraft

Consultancy and Advisory

CAPITAL FACTORY has a teamwork specialized in the civil aeronautical sector, which allows us to advise and help you with the permit management, maintenance and updating processes of your aeronautical company.

Training Services

CAPITAL FACTORY also offers professional training of pilots and crews; flight simulators; Charter flights; FBO services; VIP assistance.

CAPITAL FACTORY  works in the international civil aviation through the supply of parts and components that are part of the most modern aircrafts.


Another of the sectors in which CAPITAL FACTORY has operations in the energy sector, performing various activities for the electricity industry.

Our supply services include:

Supply and import of cables, tools, equipment and machinery and consumables in general

Maintenance for the energy sector

CAPITAL FACTORY has a vast experience and technical capacity to meet the demands of the electricity sector. With this experience, we offer our clients and customers maintenance of machinery, equipment and infrastructure. 


Furthermore, CAPITAL FACTORYoffers advice on optimization of production costs and improvements of industrial processes, with the purpose of increasing the productivity in your company. In addition, we help you with the management of resources and offer you logistical support for your company in the energy sector.

CAPITAL FACTORY  can help your company to optimize resources and processes, acquire supplies and carry out improvements and maintenance with highly specialized personnel in the energy sector.


CAPITAL FACTORY has positioned itself among the most reliable procurement companies, with the best capabilities, to meet the demands of customers in the automotive sector. This preference is associated with the excellence with which we attend to the supply and maintenance demands of the companies that have placed their trust in us.

Our supply services:

  • Supply of parts and spare parts for accomplish the demands of the automotive sector
  • Import and export of parts and spare parts
  • Import and export of parts and spare parts

Consultancy and Advisory

CAPITAL FACTORY has a work team that can help you improve the industrial processes of your automotive company, to be faster and more efficient.

Maintenance to industries in the automotive sector

In CAPITAL FACTORY we offer you a team with years of experience in the automotive sector, who can help you to carry out the preventive and corrective maintenance necessary to guarantee the good performance of your operations.

The automotive sector is one of the sectors that has keeping a constant growth for decades. To have access to this market, your company must have responsible and excellence-oriented allies, who help you in the supply, maintenance and optimization of your industry's processes. CAPITAL FACTORY displays a wide option of services, keeping the excellence in the execution of all.


The maritime sector stands out as one of the bases of international trade. Companies in this sector must carry out constant maintenance work to achieve full operational efficiency. In CAPITAL FACTORY we support you to guarantee a high operability and reach new markets through our services.

Our supply services include:

  • Supply of spare parts and marine equipment
  • Import and export of marine equipment and spare parts

Consultancy and Advisory

CAPITAL FACTORY is recognized for its years of activity, guiding and advising companies in the maritime sector to save costs and time in their operations and make industrial processes more efficient.

Maintenance services

CAPITAL FACTORY offers maintenance services on all the lines and fronts of operation covered by the maritime sector, from work on ships, to ports and warehouses.

CAPITAL FACTORY  is your best ally to keep the operational excellence of your maritime company, through services offered quickly and with the highest quality.

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