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CAPITAL FACTORY is a company dedicated to the international procurement services. We are constantly advancing, combining the most innovative technologies with the commercial spirit that has always characterized us throughout our history. We are currently a reference due to we work along with prestigious international brands and stores, as well as with different authorized workshops and assembly lines; With this team we create synergies and efficiency that position us as one of the best alternatives on the market.

Our technical team is in charge of following the latest trends and market updates, to ensure that our catalog of services and products is always up-to-date with the latest technology.

The main value of CAPITAL FACTORY is our highly qualified staff, which is in constant training for handling the latest technologies and with a strong commercial mindset prepared to provide fast and according to efficient solutions to our clients and deliver quality services.

International Presence

CAPITAL FACTORY has increased its international presence in a considerably amount in recent years. This international expansion resulted in a increment in the exports, and also in the establishment of agreements with Distribution and Service Centers around the world. These partnerships have been a direct consequence of our high quality and according to excellent prices.

Workflow efficiency

Equipments and machines highly sophisticated for the development and support of the process of automation and other industrial operations.

Safety and Quality

We are suppliers of industrial equipment with an extensive experience, knowledge and extensive experience, so we can offer you high quality, durable and also safety products with the purpose of avoiding work accidents in your industry.

Our Team

We have a team of specialists in the areonautical sector and with a extensive experience helping our clients and customers to find out the best solutions according to the needs and requirements of your industry.

International Procurement

We work in the commercialization, acquisition, import, export and distribution of products, supplies, materials, machinery, complementary articles, supplies, equipment, spare parts, implements, tools and / or any type of consumables necessary for the industries of the automotive, aeronautical and maritime sectors. 


  • Advisory in the selection of equipments and commercial suppliers that match with the necessities of your industry.  
  • Equipments that are integrated with the digital technology and that are constantly updated to ensure proper performance.
  • National and international distribution of the supplies required by the industries, ensuring fast delivery times and quality of service.


  • Control and managment of the energy used in the industrial operations, with the purpose of optimizing and according to decrease the production costs.
  • Our specialists in the energy field will help you to choose the best and more suitable contract according to the consumption and operational requirements.
  • We offer equipments and toolssize-adaptaple and according to type of business, taking into account the risk measures, prevention, energy preservation and trading experience.


We have a robust financial system around the world, with legally constituted companies and international bank accounts to manage any type of payments  

Do you want efficient solutions in the aeronautics sector? We are here to help you!

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